Charles Danby & Rob Smith, Triangulation Flat Rock, 2013, c-print


The Polymorphic Library investigates the diverse and timely discourses of carbon in respect of carbon transition and climate change. Through interactive arhitecture, live aparatus, and a public events programme, it examines our evolving relations to carbon and asks what futures and societies we want to build with carbon.
Exhibition: Polymorohic Carbon Library, The Common Room, Newcastle, 2021

LOWICK LIME (2017-19)
Lowick Lime examines transformations to site through lime. It focusses on the material, ecological and socially interwoven site of an industrial lime kiln under restoration on the Scottish borders. It explores how co-producing approaches through communities can foster deep and sustainable human relationships to site, enable new local and policy approaches to the heritage restoration of industrial infrastructure, and provide pathways through lime production to future micro-industrial economies.
Exhibition: Unearthing Lowick Lime, The Experimental Studio & Baltic 39, Newcastle, 2019

LIMELIGHT (2016-22)
Limelight explores how material lime exacts its agency in relation to transforming decommissioned industrial land sites in the UK. It asks how the material properties, speeds, and transformations of lime enact a forming and becoming of landscape and site, and how material-thinking approaches offer development to site-based arts practice in the UK.
Exhibition: Cardiff Contemporary, Llangatock lime kiln and Cardiff, 2016
Exhibition: Polyspace, Newbridge Projects, Newcastle, 2016
Performance: Postcards from the Anthropocene: Unsettling the Geopolitics of Representation, Edinburgh University, 2017
Performance: Granular: The Material Properties of Noise, University of Greenwich, 2018
Book Chapter: Postcards from the Anthropocene, 2021

THE QUARRY (2012-14)
The Quarry navigation as a forming of land site. It focusses on the sites of multiple limestone quarries across the south east of England connected through a single geological forming. The research examines navigation, the being in and moving through of site, as an event structure of site. It explores new frameworks, through histories and readings of British Land Art, for progressing site-based arts practice. It investigates material lime as an agent of transforming industrial landscape, setting this against canonical narratives of the post-industrial.
Exhibition: Oxted England, Two Queens, Leicester, 2012
Exhibition: The Quarry, IMT Gallery, London, 2013
Symposium: Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Leeds, 2014