Danby, C. (2014-15) Estelle Thompson: White Lies. Oriel Sycarth Gallery, Glyndŵr University. 24 November-15 January

Danby, C. (2013) Steven Pippin: Omega Equals One. Dilston Grove, London. 15 September-20 October

Danby, C. (2011-12) Animated Environments Parts 1-3. Siobhan Davies Studios, London. (Artists: Guy Sherwin 16 September–25 November 2011 / Graham Gussin 4 May–1 July 2012 / Steven Pippin 6 October–24 November 2012)

Danby, C. (2011) Epliogues It Started With A Car Crash. IMT Gallery, & Slade Research Centre, London (Artists: The Bruce High Quality Foundation Ray Johnson
Alastair MacKinven, Thomas Raat, Vibeke Tandberg). 17 September–23 October

Danby, C. (2010) Grand National – Art From Britain. Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium, Norway. (Artists: Annie Attridge, BANK, Glenn Brown, Lynn Chadwick, Spartacus Chetwynd, Marcus Coates, Keith Coventry, Shezad Dawood, Jeremy Deller, Jack Duplock, Angus Fairhurst, Saul Fletcher, Gwen John, Paul Graham, Douglas Gordon, Dryden Goodwin, Isaac Julien, Derek Jarman, Emma Kay, Andrew Mania, Alastair Mackinven, Cornelia Parker, Rebecca Warren, Mark Wallinger). (Publication: Grand National – Art From Britain, 352pp ISBN 978-82-998342-0-9). 09 May–03 October

Danby, C. (2010) Alexandra Hughes: Arrangements. Siobhan Davies Dance Studio, London. 16 April–30 May

Danby, C, IMYU-Projects. (2009) British Contemporary Art. Hanjiyun Contemporary Space, Beijing, China. 4 April-31 May

Danby, C, IMYU-Projects. (2009) London Calling. Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, South Korea. 10 June-26 July

Danby, C. (2009) Flore Nove Josserand: 2 Very # Scenes. Siobhan Davies Dance Studio, London. 1 May– 26 June

Danby, C. (2008) Nathaniel Rackowe: Preverberation. Siobhan Davies Dance Studio, London. 14 April– 14 July

Danby, C. (2008) Soul Stripper. Projet Midi, 1080 Brussels, Belgium. (In conjunction with Art Brussels and Agency, London). (Artists: Francesca Anfossi, Stephen Bishop, Olivier Blanckaert, Bas de Wit, Benny Dröscher, Jack Duplock, Wouter Feyaerts, Caron Geary, Patrick Goddard, Matthias Groebel, Matthew Lutz-Kinoy & Andres Laracuente, Andrew Mania, Arif Ozakca, Thomas Raat, Corrado Sassi, Veronika Veit). 17-30 April

Danby, C. (2008) l’apres-moderne, Projet Midi, 1080 Brussels. (Artists: Francesca Anfossi, Athanasios Argianas, Neil Hamon, Karin Hannsen, Karren Tang, Denis Stewart, Estelle Thompson). 19 September–25 October

Danby, C. (2008) Force & Beauty. Yukiko Kawase, Paris. (Artists: Malin Ståhl, Charles Danby, Heather & Ivan Morison, Eloise Fornieles, Lena Nix) 12 February-8 March

Danby, C. (2008) The Invention of Solitude Part 2. Leicester City Gallery & Off-site, Leicester. (Artists: Rob Smith, Rebecca Birch, Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, Alex Hudson). 01 September-28 October

Danby, C, I-MY Projects. (2007) Abandoned Protocol. Ritter/Zamet Gallery, London. (Artists: Seung Woo Back, Hyung Geun Park / Ben Judd, Kate Hawkins, Eloise Fornieles). 07-29 September

Danby, C, McGowan, BL. (2007) Air Guitar and Two Teaspoons. Bischoff Weiss Gallery, London. (Artists: Sarah Bridgland, Aisling Hedgecock, Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, Flore Nove-Josserland, Racheal Pengilley, Antonia Watson, Richard Woods). 19 January-24 February

Danby, C. (2007) 2(007) Pranvere. National Gallery of Arts, Tirana, Albania. (Artists: Ilir Butka, Sophie Buxton, Eloise Fornieles, Najada Hamza, Kate Hawkins, Esteban Igartua, Sidi Kanani, Shpetim Kercova, Olson Lamaj, Andres Laracuente, Elsa Martini, Jane Millican, Eleanor Moreton, Vladimir Myrtezaj, Francesco Patriarca, Genc Permeti, Lucy Wood). 11-24th May

Danby, C. (2006) The Invention of Solitude. The Nunnery, London. (Artists: Rob Smith, Rebecca Birch, Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, Alex Hudson). (Publication: The Invention of Solitude, 64pp ISBN 978-0-9549748-1-6). 21 September-22 October

Danby, C, Ospina, O. (2004) Trackers, Pitzhanger Manor Gallery, London. (Artists: Georgina Batty, Stuart Brisley, Ade Ward, Geoff Cox, Amy Cunningham, Alex Graham, Neil Hamon, Francis Ives, Ben Judd, Maria von Kohler, Goshka Macuga, Bruce McLean, Alex Hutchins, Errol Perkins, Lyle Perkins, Nathaniel Rackowe, Gideon Rubin, Rob Smith, Gary Woodley, Charles Danby, Alejandro Ospina). (Publication: Trackers -ISBN 0-9538583-5-9 –104pp). 31 April-04 July

Danby, C, Dillon, T. (2004) Platform For Art. Ealing Broadway Station (Artists: Gideon Rubin, Rob Smith, Neil Hamon, Georgina Batty). 31 April-04 July

Danby, C. (2003) Santa Smiles. Ols&Co, London. (Artists: Claire Douglass, Rebecca Birch, Estelle Thompson, Annie Attridge, Richard Wathen, Sophie Buxton, Fiona Duffelen, Ted Haddon). 06-28 December

Danby, C. (2002) Hang the Curator. Centre Space Gallery. London. (Artists: 22, Slade Graduate School) 14 -27 February

2014| Estelle Thompson
Oriel Sycarth, Wales
Artist: Estelle Thompson

Estelle Thompson, White Lies at Oriel Sycarth Gallery, Wales, 2014

2011-12 | Animated Environments
Siobhan Davies Studios, London
Off-site in Elephant & Castle and at South London Gallery
Artists: Graham Gussin (2012) / Steven Pippin (2011) / Guy Sherwin (2011)

2011| Epilogues It Started With A Car Crash
17 September - 23 October
IMT, London

Artists: Bruce High Quality Foundation / Ray Johnson / Alastair McKinven / Thomas Ratt / Vibeke Tandberg

6 May - 9 October 2010
Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium, Norway

Artists: Annie Attridge / BANK / Glenn Brown / Lynn Chadwick / Spartacus Chetwynd / Chrome Hoof / Marcus Coates / Keith Coventry / Shezad Dawood / Jeremy Deller / Jack Duplock / Angus Fairhurst / Saul Fletcher / Gwen John / Dryden Goodwin / Douglas Gordon / Paul Graham / Derek Jarman / Isaac Julien / Emma Kay / Le Gun / Alastair MacKinven / Andrew Mania / Cornelia Parker / Mark Wallinger / Rebecca Warren


Grand National - Art From Britain
was the most extensive exhibition of works by British artists to be held in Norway in well over a decade. One of its trajectories was the position of contemporary artists working across Britain within in an internationally orientated artworld where notions of nation and national archive were no longer the dominant or defining strategies they once were.

The 2010 British election under the shadow of financial failure provided a cyclical vantage from which to revisit the UK's upending Tory politics of the late 1980s and the ensuing biting recession of the early 1990s. This was the rubble from which a new genration of artists in Britain emerged. The export of the central Young British Artists (YBA) generation is well documented, while perhaps more profoundly it is artists on the periphery of this branded establishment that arguably have laid the lasting foundation stones for some of the most progressive practices and directions of contemporary art in Britain up to the end of the first decade of the 21st century. Grand National - Art From Britain punctures the present whilst laying reach to the recent pasts of British Art. Picking up on this theme Chris Horrocks wtites in his exhibition introduction,

“…Grand National will appear as a partial survey of a time in British art where there was inflation then a crash in values, not least in cultural value. Artistic worth, it seemed, ran second to the promotion of personalities, and an uneasy co-dependency of the art establishment, the art industry, the press and a young band of artists who would first exploit an unstable market, then embark on a mutually beneficial reconstruction of the status quo. To look from our own recession to the last one is to pinpoint a brief moment when art was the simulacrum of a movement that bucked the market, before becoming it…”
(Publication extract / Chris Horrocks)

2007| Pranvere
National Gallery, Tirana, Albania
Artists: Ilir Butka / Sophie Buxton / Eloise Fornieles / Najada Hamza / Kate Hawkins / Esteban Igartua / Sidi Kanani / Shpetim Kercova / Olson Lamaj / Andres Laracuente / Elsa Martini / Jane Millican / Eleanor Moreton / Vladimir Myrtezaj / Francesco Patriarca / Genc Permeti / Lucy Wood

2003| Trackers
PM Gallery & House, London
Artists: Georgina Batty / Stuart Brisley / Ade Ward / Geoff Cox / Amy Cunningham / Alex Graham / Neil Hamon / Francis Ives / Ben Judd / Maria von Kohler / Goshka Macuga / Bruce McLean / Alex Hutchins / Errol Perkins / Lyle Perkins / Nathaniel Rackowe / Gideon Rubin / Rob Smith / Gary Woodley / Charles Danby / Alejandro Ospina