Reading Contemporary Painting, 2018-ongoing: The research, towards publication, examines how contemporary paintings are read and where meanings reside. It examines how contemporary paintings have forming and becoming drawn through their reading, not as observation but as encounter. It explores how speeds of cognitive processing through a co-connectedness of senses (sight, sound, taste, touch) reveals fluid and dimensional scales of event readable as exposures of individual actions and decisions.

Co-Action Teaching Events, 2017-ongoing: The research through the production of artworks examines practical creative actions occurring as shared dialogue within arts teaching.

Blockade, 2016-ongoing: The research through the production of paintings examines the forming of spatial, and illusory images through divergent geometries. It explores formings between internal geometries, active through a painting’s borders and physical edges, and geometries external to it, occurring through paper built miniature mythic architectures.
Artworks: Paintings - Untitled Block, 2018 / Scene, 2018 / Twenty Five Sixty, 2016-17
Presented through group exhibition: Occasional Geometries, Longside Gallery Arts Council Collection, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, 2017
Presented through group exhibition: Fully Awake. Dyson Gallery, Royal College of Art, London, 2018


Dryburn, 2017-ongoing: The research as artwork examines land site forming. It focusses on the material and social sites of an industrial lime kiln under restoration on the Scottish borders. It explores the human and non-human scales of the land site as a pathway to examining site representation as temporal event-based forming. It investigates where co-producing material and social approaches to site-based arts practice enable new local and policy approaches to the heritage restoration of industrial infrastructure.
Context: This research is a case-study within a forthcoming AHRC bid – Material Communities: Living ‘with’ the material communities of the Anglo-Scottish Borderland.

Limelight, 2016-18: The research through the production of an artwork examines land site forming through material lime. It explores the material agencies of lime within the construction of its own images and representations. The research takes form through a multi-site transmission broadcast of limelight (Cardiff Contemporary, 2016), and a conference paper delivered through the material properties and transformations of lime.
Artwork: Limelight, 2016-18
Presented at the conference: Postcards from the Anthropocene: Unsettling the Geopolitics of Representation, Adam House, Edinburgh University, School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture 2017
Presented at the conference: Granular: The Art of Noise, University of Greenwich, 2018
Presented through exhibition: Cardiff Contemporary, Llangatock lime kiln and Cardiff, 2016

Parallel Cipher 2016-17: The research through the production of an artwork examines navigation as a forming of land site across sites of geographical separation. It focusses on a series of forest and woodland sites across the south east and north east of Britain. The research examines navigation – the being in and moving through – as an event structure of site. It explores the image construction of a distributed site and the re-distribution of that image construction as a live environmental space of immersive cinematic broadcast.
Artwork: Parallel Cipher, 2016-17
Presented through exhibition: Northern Charter, Newcastle, 2016

Quarry 2012-14: The research through the production of artworks examines navigation as a forming of land site. It focusses on the sites of multiple limestone quarries across the south east of England connected through a single geological forming. The research examines navigation – the being in and moving through of site – as an event structure of site. It explores new frameworks, through histories and readings of British Land Art, for progressing site-based arts practice. It investigates material lime as an agent of transforming industrial landscape, setting this against canonical narratives of the post-industrial.
Artwork: Quarry, 2012-14
Presented through exhibition: Two Queens, Leicester, 2012
Presented through exhibition: IMT Gallery, London, 2013
Presented through symposium: Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Leeds, 2014